Kerala: First in Asia’s Global Start-up Ecosystem Report

Asia’s Global Start-up Ecosystem Report was recently released on June 14, 2022, in the light of London Tech Week 2022.


  • In the report, start-up ecosystem in Kerala has been ranked at first position in Asia.
  • Kerala has also been ranked at fourth position, in terms of Affordable Talent.
  • The report recognises creative steps taken by Kerala Start-up Mission (KSUM) to position it as a start-up power house.
  • This ranking will help Kerala in building a strong network of start-ups that will play a key role in its growth.

About GSER

The GSER was released to bring together global governments, inspirational start-up founders, investors and corporate leaders, to discuss the power of technology for societies.  This year, ranking has been decided jointly by policy advisory and research organization Start-up Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network. The first ever GSER was published in 2020. In 2020, Kerala was ranked at 5th position in Asia while 20th in World.

Why was Kerala ranked first?

In the report, Kerala has been ranked first, highlighting the enriching start-up and economic growth. Report measures the ability to hire and retain tech talent. It also highlighted Government support and tech talent as pull factors for start-ups to move to Kerala and flourish. State of Kerala is the third largest recipient of enterprise capital. It has been ranked among prime 30 within the rising group, expertise, excellence, and expertise in funding mobilization. During 2019-21, state was able to create a start-up ecosystem of worth Rs 1037.05 crore.

About GSER ranking

The GSER report provides ranking to leading 140 ecosystems, continental insights, as well founder-focussed articles from thought-leading experts. Top Asian emerging ecosystems are measured based on talent, long-tern trends, experience, over the most significant performance factors.

Ranking of other Indian States

Bengaluru has been ranked at 22nd position in the global start-up ecosystem index, because of major improvements in its market reach. Delhi has moved by 11 places at number 26, while Mumbai is at number 36.



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