INS Tanaji Naval Base Station commissioned by Indian Navy

  • Indian Navy commissioned a Naval Base Station – INS Tanaji in Mumbai’s Eastern suburb of Mankhurd. 
  • The base depot ship INS Tanaji will look after berthing and ship lift facilities of the Indian Navy.
  • INS Tanaji is named after Maratha warrior Tanaji Malusare.

Who was Tanaji Malusare?image

  • Tanaji Malusare was a Maratha warrior and military leader in the army of Shivaji.
  • Tanaji Malusare was also known as Simha (Lion).
  • Tanaji was one of Shivaji’s closest friends heralding from Malusare Clan; the two knew each other since childhood.
  • Tanaji is famously known for the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670.
  • At Shivaji’s request, Tanaji pledged to recapture the fortress of Kondana near Pune.
  • Tanaji lost his life in the battle of Sinhagad.
  • Shivaji renamed the fort from Kondana to Sinhagad Tanaji’s honor.
  • Shivaji’s words after hearing about the demise of Tanaji were "Gad ala pan Sinha gela"(Meaning: although the fort was captured a lion was lost in the battle).


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