Innovation Roadmap of the Mission Integrated Biorefineries

The Indian Government announced the launch of the Innovation Roadmap of the Mission Integrated Biorefineries at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum 2022 in Pittsburgh, US.

Key facts

  • The Innovation Roadmap of the Mission Integrated Biorefineries developed using co-leads and active inputs from Brazil, Canada, European Commission and the UK.
  • It aims to enhance global collaboration and funding for energy research, development and demonstration (RD&D) during the next five years.
  • It will focus on the development of bio-based sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials, which are vital to reduce GHG emissions, strengthen and diversify supply chain and help the world to achieve the net-zero targets and 2030 sustainable development goals.
  • The roadmap will identify gaps and challenges in current biorefining value chains and take required actions to support the mission goals.

What is Integrated Biorefineries Mission?

Integrated Biorefineries Mission is a joint initiative of India and the Netherlands, with the inclusion of Brazil and Canada as core members and the UK and the European Commission as supporting members. It aims to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions to accelerate the commercialization of integrated biorefineries. It aims to replace 10 per cent of fossil fuel-based, chemicals and materials with bio-based alternatives by the end of this decade. It is the sixth mission launched by the Mission Innovation.

About Mission Innovation

Mission Innovation is an intergovernmental platform that supports RD&D to make clean energy affordable, competitive and accessible in the present decade. It was launched alongside the Paris Agreement in 2015. Its objective is to promote clean energy innovation through action-oriented cooperation. It has 23 members, including India, the Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Denmark, the UK, US, the EC etc. These countries together provide about 90 per cent of global public investment in clean energy innovation. They have boosted their annual investments by 5.8 billion since 2015.



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