INDRA-2021 to be held at Volgograd from August 1

From 1st to 13th August India and Russia will hold the 12th edition of joint military exercise in Russia’s Volgograd.

Key Points

  • The exercise is named INDRA 2021. It will further strengthen and develop the bilateral security cooperation of the two countries.
  • This exercise will reinforce the longstanding bond of friendship, understanding and cooperation between India and Russia.
  • It will necessitate the conduct of counter-terror operations under the mandate of United Nations by a joint operative force against international terrorist organizations.
  • 250 personnel from both the nations will take part in this exercise.
  • This exercise will further enhance the interoperability and mutual confidence between the Indian and Russian Armies
  • Through this exercise the armies of both the countries will be able to share the best practices between themselves.

Indian Army contingent

The Indian Army contingent will comprise of a Mechanised Infantry Battalion that underwent rigorous trainings at various locations across India to refine their skills to take part in this India-Russia joint exercise.

About Volgograd

Volgograd is a Russian city which is situated on the western bank of the river Volga.


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