India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission

In a move towards a greener future, the Indian government has announced the National Green Hydrogen Mission, with the goal of making India the global hub for green hydrogen production. The mission aims to achieve a production capacity of 5 million metric tons of hydrogen per year by 2030 and will be overseen by an Empowered Group, comprising of key government officials and industry experts.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission was approved by the Union Cabinet on January 4th, with an expenditure budget of Rs 19,744 crore.

Empowered Group for National Green Hydrogen Mission

The Empowered Group for National Green Hydrogen Mission will be headed by the cabinet secretary and will include the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, NITI Aayog CEO, and secretaries of various ministries, as well as experts from the industry. This group will be responsible for steering and implementing the mission, providing guidance, monitoring progress, and recommending policy interventions to achieve the mission’s objectives.

National Green Hydrogen Advisory Group

In addition to the Empowered Group, a National Green Hydrogen Advisory Group will also be established. This group will comprise experts from academic and research institutions, industry, and civil society, and will advise the Empowered Group on all science and technology-related matters pertaining to the mission.

Technology Gap Analysis and Benchmarking

The National Green Hydrogen Advisory Group will carry out a technology gap analysis for various aspects of the hydrogen value chain. Based on this analysis, the group will define broad performance and cost targets based on global benchmarking.




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