India’s First Model G – 20 Summit

The Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership is a non–profit organization. It is also called the RMP institute as it was founded in memory of Shri Rambhau Mhalgi, an Indian politician and former Member of Parliament. He is famous for running the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. ABVP is the student wing of RSS. The IIDL recently conducted the Model G – 20 Summit. The institute is known for conducting training and research. It conducts training for leadership. The United Nations Economics and Social Council recently granted Special Consultative Status for IIDL.

About the G – 20 Model Summit

This is the first of its kind. The Indian Sherpa of G – 20 Mr. Amitabh Kant inaugurated the summit. It was conducted at the Mumbai campus of IIDL. The G – 20 summit is highly important for India and other members as the group constitutes 85% of the world GDP. India is hosting the summit in 2023. While developing countries are hesitating to hold international summits, India has come forward amidst the economic crisis, climate change issues, COVID issues, food crisis, energy crisis, and other global turmoil.

Why the model summit?

The IIDL conducts model summits targeting the youth in the country. Such model summits are conducted prior to any international summits. This is done to give exposure to the youths and spread awareness about the importance of such summits among them. Also, such events aid to develop leadership qualities in them at a young age.



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