Indian Army to end Colonial Practices

On Prime Minister Modi’s directions, the Indian Army Chief recently initiated the process to end Colonial practices such as buggies, pipe bands and functional ceremonies on retirement. Also, the English names of some of the units are to be changed.

What is the retirement ceremony that is being ended?

During the retirement ceremony, the vehicle of the retiring officer is pulled by troops and another officer. The ceremony is conducted during the posting of the new officer as well.

Why is Indian Army removing the practices?

PM Modi listed five pledges during his speech on red fort. They are making India a developed country, taking pride in the heritage of the country, fulfilling the duties, and removing traces of bondage, and unity. In accordance with the five pledges, India is removing the practices.

Colonial Imprints in India

Though we had a printing press in 1947, our leaders chose to write the constitution just like other British colonies such as the USA. Many laws that were created by the British Government are still in practice.

Governors in the state are colonial imprints

Two types of colonialism that existed in India were settler colonialism and exploitation colonialism. In settler colonialism, people arrive at a country on a large scale. Exploitation colonialism is through trade.

Who started colonialism?

Surprisingly, it was the Portuguese who started colonialism and not the British.



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