How Renaissance Spreed in Europe?

  • The Renaissance began in Italy because it was  a logical place for the intellectual resurgence because of its location. Most of the wealth of Western Europe was concentrated there as a result of the trade and practices of Italian merchants. With the death of Pope Leo-X in the first quarter of the 16th century, the golden age of Italian Renaissance ended.
  • By that time the spirit of Humanism had already crossed the Alps into Germany, into France and into England. Cultured activities were slowly gaining ground in Germany by the second half of the 15th History reveals that the revival of learning in Germany was unproductive in art and literature. Attempts were made by the Germans to incorporate Humanism into classical learning. This had its consummation in Luther’s conflict with the papacy.
  • The intellectual revival in France started in the beginning of the 16th Charles-VIII led a French army into Naples, where he made contracts with the learning of Italy. Several important scholars, including Erasmus, were attracted to Paris, where they taught at the university.
  • Chancer played a prominent role in the cultural revival in England. Oxford and Cambridge universities, especially Oxford were centres of the cultural activity. John Colet (1466-1517), a religious enthusiast, sought the revival of medieval theology. He also established a grammar school at St. Paul’s, which was put under secular management. By the beginning of the 17th century, numerous schools of this sort were founded.