How does the JioFiber work?

The JioFiber is the latest technology offering by the Jio Group of Reliance. As per a statement put out by the Reliance Group, the JioFiber supports a superior internet experience to let the users explore the Digital world to the fullest. The JioFiber is a futuristic technology which will allow the ultimate broadband experience of surfing, streaming, gaming and work.

Benefits of JioFiber

  • The JioFiber is better than its competitors as it allows for the ultra-fast upload and download speeds on the internet.
  • The superior speeds supported by the JioFiber allow the loading of several tabs and pages effectively in milliseconds, all at once.

Working of the JioFober

  • Uniquely, the JioFiber is able to support such high speeds as it is a high-speed private internet highway which directly reaches every individual home, while the past internet fiber services reached only the building of the business.
  • Currently, while optical fiber reached a building, the last few meters of the box to user connectivity was provided using a traditional cable.
  • A traditional cable is not able to support such high speeds like an optical fiber which ultimately reduces the end-user speed.
  • This causes the user experience to degrade due to multiple links, patches and the inferior quality of cable in the internet line.
  • Reliance is confident that using a Fiber to provide end to end connections will lead to a totally different internet user experience.

Advantages of JioFiber over others

Compared to other networks, the JioFiber will provide a faster Internet connection to all the users opting for it. Given the modern times, all business which will be transacted over the internet, internet speed is the key.

JioFiber will allow for the ultra-fast download and upload speeds which will enable the use of UHD, Video conferencing. This will improve the ability of a business to conduct their business over the internet.

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