GK & Current Affairs – November 17, 2015

1. Who is set to become the India’s next Permanent Representative to UN?
[A]Arun Kumar Singh
[B]Syed Akbaruddin
[C]Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
[D]Sujatha Singh
Answer: Syed Akbaruddin
Syed Akbaruddin (1985 batch IFS officer) has been appointed as India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He will succeed Asoke Mukerji. Earlier, he had served at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Geneva and is considered an “expert” on the West Asia where he had served in various capacities.
2. Which one of the following alert is introduced by Interpol on a pilot basis to locate and seize illicit assets of criminals globally?
[A]Black Notice
[B]Orange Notice
[C]Silver Notice
[D]Purple Notice
Answer: Silver Notice
Interpol has introduced a new international alert called “Silver Notice” on a pilot basis to assist its 190 member countries to identify, monitor, freeze and confiscate assets of criminals globally. Other alerts issued by Interpol are – Red Notice, Blue Notice, Green Notice, Yellow Notice, Black Notice, Orange Notice, Purple Notice and UN Special Notice. Click here to know about types of Interpol notices.
3. On which date, The United Nations’ (UN) International Day for Tolerance is observed?
[A]November 10
[B]November 16
[C]November 21
[D]November 24
Answer: November 16
The United Nations (UN) International Day for Tolerance is observed annually on November 16 to help people understand the importance of tolerance worldwide. In 1996, the UN General Assembly invited the Un Member States to observe the International Day for Tolerance on 16 November. This action followed on the UN Year for Tolerance, 1995, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 at the initiative of UNESCO.
4. Which Indian state will organise the Nypunyam 2016, an International Skill Summit?
Answer: Kerala
Kerala government will organise an International Skill Summit called Nypunyam 2016 in February 2016. It will also organise skill Fiesta to project the competency standards and global employability of youth in the Kerala state to the employers worldwide. The competition is modelled after WorldSkills Competition, which was held at Sao Paulo, Brazil.
5. Which country is considered to have the largest reserve of recoverable uranium in the world?
Answer: Australia
Australia is considered to have the largest reserve of recoverable uranium in the world. However, Australia ranks third in terms of production of uranium. Kazakhstan and Canada produce more than Australia. Recently, India and Australia have concluded their civil nuclear agreement. India is the first country to buy Uranium from Australia without being a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
6. In context to defence system in India, “Samarth” refers which one of the following?
[A]Torpedo recovery vessel
[B]Offshore patrol vessel
[C]Aircraft carrier
[D]Amphibious warfare ship
Answer: Offshore patrol vessel
Recently, Defence Minister has commissioned the Coast Guard’s latest and largest offshore patrol vessel, Samarth. Samarth is the first in the series of six 105m offshore patrol vessels. It has been built by Goa shipyard. Samarth has a max. speed of 23 knots and has an endurance of 6000 nautical miles at economical speed.
7. With respect to the India-UK Relations, which of the following statements is / are correct?
1. 2016 will be celebrated as the UK-India Year of Culture.
2. Recently, India and United Kingdom have signed Free Trade agreement.
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
[A]1 only
[B]2 only
[C]Both 1and 2
[D]Neither 1 nor 2
Answer: Neither 1 nor 2
Recently, the British Prime Minister has announced that 2017 will be celebrated as the India-UK Year of Culture. Presently, India has no Free Trade Agreement with United Kingdom.
8. Madame Tussauds’, world famous Wax Museum, will open its new venture in which city of India?
[D]New Delhi
Answer: New Delhi
In 2017, Madame Tussauds’, world famous Wax Museum, will open its new venture in New Delhi. Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is one of the major tourist attraction in London. It’s branches are spread across the world. In Asia, it’s present in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore and Wuhan. Indian celebrities like Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are some of the names who have been featured at the museum.
9. In which among the following cities, India’s first AMRIT pharmacy outlet was opened?
[D]New Delhi
Answer: New Delhi
On 15 November, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched the country’s first Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment (AMRIT) pharmacy outlet at AIIMS in New Delhi to sell drugs at highly discounted rates. The pilot AMRIT outlet will be managed by the government-owned HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL), which will sell both drugs and implants at significant discount on market rates.
10. Who among the following is the winner of the 2015 Infosys Prize for Social Sciences?
[A]Srinath Raghavan
[B]Amit Sharma
[C]Mohan Maharaj
[D]G Ravindra Kumar
Answer: Srinath Raghavan
Dr. Srinath Raghavan is Senior Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. His publications include War and Peace in Modern India: A Strategic History of the Nehru Years (2010), 1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh, (2013), and India’s War: The Making of Modern South Asia, 1939-45 (2016). The Infosys Prize is an annual award given in six categories – Engineering and Computer Science, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities. The prize for each category includes a gold medallion, a citation certificate, and prize money of Rs. 55 Lakh.

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