Vedic Era General Knowledge Questions


Which one is the longest epic of the world?
[D]Hanuman Chalisa

Mahabharata The Mahabharata by Ved vyas is the longest epic of the world consists of 1,00,000 shlokas.


Which of the following subjects are dealt in by Kalpa Sutras?
[A] Sacrifices
[B] Family ceremonies
[C] Varnas, Ashramas
[D] All of the above

All of the above Under Kalpa Sutras ,Shravta Sutras deal with the sacrifices,Grihya Sutras deal with the family ceremonies,Dharma Sutras deal with Varnas, Ashramas.


Which of the following is the equivalent term used for Raja in early vedic era?

Gopati In the Early Vedic age, ‘Raja’ was known as Gopati.

According to the later Vedic Era beliefs, which of the following Gods were elected democratically?

Prajapati In the Later Vedic period, Prajapati was the important diety occupied the supreme position. Prajapatis were elected democratically. First such elected Prajapati was Lord Vishnu, followed by Lord Bràhma and Lord Shankar. There were total 26 Prajapatis mentioned in Vedas.


In the Later Vedic period, who was the god of Shudras?

Pushan According to the later Vedic traditions, the gods were from different castes. For example, Agni is Brahmin; Indra and Varuna are Kshatriya; Rudra and Maruts are Vaishya while Pushan is a Sudra god. Pushan (पूषन) is a solar deity and one of the Adityas; responsible for journeys, marriage and a carrier of souls to other world. He also protected the travellers in their journeys.


In which of the following Vedas, the priest is Brahma?
[A]Sam Veda
[B]Yajur Veda
[C]Rig Veda
[D]Atharva Veda

Atharva Veda In Atharva Veda, the priest is Brahma.

In which Mandal of Rigveda ‘Gayatri Mantra is mentioned?

III Gayatri Mantra comes from the third Mandala of the Rigveda. This Mandala has 62 hymns, mainly to Agni and Indra. It is one of the “family books” (mandalas 2-7), the oldest core of the Rigveda. This Mandala also mentions Kikats, a non-Aryan tribe, which most scholars agree that was resident of somewhere in near Magadha in modern Bihar.


Which of the following Upanishads gives clear reference of four Ashrams of individual’s life?
[A]Jabala Upanishad
[B]Katha Upanishad
[C]Virhadranyaka Upanishad
[D]None of the above

Jabala Upanishad In Jabala Upanishad, there is a clear reference of four Ashrams i.e. Brahmachari, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasi.


Which of the Brahamana says’wife is half her husband’?
[A]Satapatha Brahamana
[B]Aitareya Brahamana
[C] Gopatha Brahamana
[D]Taittiriya Brahmana

Satapatha Brahamana The Satapatha Brahamana states that the wife is half her husband and completes him.


The ‘Battlle of Ten kings’ is depicted in which mandal of Rig Veda?

seventh The ‘Battlle of Ten kings (or Dashrajnya ) is depicted in the 7th mandal of Rig Veda. This battle led to the formation of Bharata that gradually evolved into Bharatvarsha, Hindustan and India. It was the battle between 10 major tribal chiefs against Raja Sudas of the Bharata tribe.


Which of the following Vedanga is related to metrics?

Chhanda There are six vedangas (limbs of Vedas) evolved for the proper understanding of the Vedas. These are Siksha (phonetics), Kalpa (rituals), Vyakarna (grammar), Nirukta (etymology), Chhanda (metrics) and Jyotisha (astronomy).


Which of the following is the oldest Smriti?
[A]Manu Smriti
[B]Yajnvalkya Smriti
[C]Narad Smriti
[D]Brihaspati Smriti

Manu Smriti Manu Smriti (Pre-Gupta period) is the oldest Smriti.