First Molecular Electronics Chip

Realizing a 50-year-old goal of integrating single molecules into circuit for achieving scaling limits of Moore’s law, Roswell Biotechnologies has developed first molecular electronics chip.

Molecular Electronic Chip

  • Molecular electronic chip uses single molecules as universal sensor elements in the circuit for creating a programmable biosensor with real-time, unlimited scalability in sensor pixel density and single-molecule sensitivity.
  • The chip will power advances in diverse fields, which are fundamentally based on observing molecular interactions, including diagnostics, drug discovery, proteomics and DNA
  • It integrates single-molecules into standard semiconductor chip technology for delivering a programmable biosensor, which converges a broad range of omics measurements and biosensing applications onto one platform.

Component of the platforms

The molecular electronics platform comprises of a programmable semiconductor chip with scalable sensor array architecture. Each array element comprises of an electrical current meter, which monitors the current flowing through precision-engineered molecular wire. The wire is assembled to span nanoelectrodes, coupling it directly into the circuit. The sensor is programmed by attaching desired probe molecule to molecular wire. The observed current provides a real-time, direct electronic readout of molecular interactions of the probe.

Objective of the development

The molecular electronic chip has been developed with the goal of putting biosensing on an ideal technology foundation for future of precision medicine and personal wellness.

Application of molecular electronic platform

  • It detects multi-omic molecular interactions at single-molecule scale, in real-time.
  • The PNAS paper also presents a wide array of probe molecules, including aptamers, DNA, antigens and antibodies.
  • It also illustrates a wide range of applications for probe molecules, including potential for rapid COVID testing, proteomics and drug discovery.

About Roswell Biotechnologies

Roswell Biotechnologies is digitizing biology with molecular electronics for predicting, preventing, and curing disease. It has developed world’s first molecular electronics chip called “Roswell ME Chip™”.  The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.



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