Delhi to Conduct Serological Survey on Monthly Basis

Delhi Government has announced that it has decided to carry out a serological survey every month on the citizens of the region. In this regard, the Healthy Ministry had released the data for the serological survey conducted in June-July for the National Capital Region (NCR) recently and it has found that 22.86% population now have the antibodies required to combat the COVID 19 whereas the rest are still vulnerable to the deadly COVID 19 virus.

The survey will be conducted every month from the first day of the month till 5th of every month. The next such survey will commence from August 1 and more samples will be taken this time as compared to the previous survey. Samples were collected from 11 districts in the NCR in the last survey.

What is Serological Survey?

This kind of study is used in order to determine the prevalence of the disease in a population. These are conducted by taking samples from random people so that proper sampling data can be collected. In the last survey in Delhi, 21387 samples were collected and blood samples were collected to check for the IgG antibody in the samples.

This exercise will now be conducted every month with the objective of measuring the progress in creating herd immunity among the population of the capital so that COVID 19 can be tackled effectively.


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