Defence Minister launches SeHAT OPD Portal

Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, has launched ‘Services e-Health Assistance & Tele-consultation (SeHAT) OPD Portal.


Service Will be provided by defence services doctors who are on regular duties. Persons aged 75 and above can consult without waiting. Similar portal called “e-sanjivani platform’ have provided facility of telecommunication to about 5 lakh people in recent months.

About SeHAT Portal

Portal has been launched to provide telemedicine services in Armed Forces, further strengthening the commitment governments towards e-governance and digital India. Through this OPD, serving defence personnel from Army, Airforce, Navy and ex- service personal can get tele consultations from specialists’ doctors in Armed forces. OPD will provide benefits to around four crore people and family members of defence personnel.

What is e-sanjeevani platform?

eSanjeevani is the first component of telemedicine service, implemented under Ayushman Bharat health initiative, providing doctor-to-doctor interaction. It connects all the 1.5 lakh health and wellness centre established under Ayushman Bharat. Service is restricted to Android users currently and has been implemented in 23 States.

About eSanjeevaniOPD

It is second component of tele-consultation service which enables patient-to-doctor interaction. It was launched amid COVID-19 pandemic to ensure health services reaches to doorstep following the norms of social distancing.


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