Deeksharambh: Guide to Student Induction Programme released by HRD Ministry

Union Minister of Human Resource Development (HRD) has released ‘Deeksharambh’, a University Grants Commission (UGC) Guide to Student Induction Programme.

About Deeksharambh

It is a guide to Student Induction Programme which is prepared by University Grants Commission (UGC).


To help new students adjust and feel comfortable in new environment and to students build bonds with other students and faculty members

Expose students to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration

Inculcate in them ethos and culture of institution

Key Features:

Student Induction Programme (SIP) engages with new students as soon as they come into the institution i.e. even before regular classes start.

At start of induction programme, the incumbents learn about institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor groups are formed.

Mentoring is one key component of SIP as it helps to develop an everlasting bonding of teacher and student.

Significance: SIP is intended to empower aspirant learners to face Competitive world with confidence, open new horizons of life leading to character building based on Universal Human Values like Truth, Peace, Love, Righteous conduct, Non-violence and assist in developing self-awareness , compassion and oneness.

Way Ahead

To spread awareness about Deeksharambh in Higher Education Institutions and its stakeholders, UGC will conduct Awareness Programmes and training programme for teachers in different regions of country.

About UGC

It is a statutory body set up by Union government in accordance to UGC Act 1956. It is headquartered in New Delhi.

It functions under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MoHRD).

Mandate: It is charged with coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of higher (university) education.


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