Decentralised Waste Management Technology Park

On 29th March 2022, a decentralised waste management technology park will be inaugurated in East Jaffrabad, New Delhi under the Waste to Wealth Mission which is an initiative under the Principal Scientific Adviser to the central government’s office. This park will be launched in association with the East Delhi Municipal Corporation.


  • This park will be inaugurated by K. Vijay Raghavan, the central government’s principal scientific adviser.
  • This is a pilot project which will be providing various solutions for waste management, ranging from on-site compaction and waste treatment to semi-automated segregation of solid waste.
  • This park is spread over 1,000 square metres of area and has a per-day solid waste treatment facility capacity of ten tonnes.

About the waste management technology park

In 2018 the work on this project commenced under the mission of “waste to wealth”. This project will segregate municipal solid waste through a semi-automated manner into various components for separate utilization. The park is spread over a 1,000 sq. m area. This space was earlier used for waste collection and open dumping. Through this park, a tonne of compostable elements can be recovered which will be turned into manure, two tonnes of combustible waste will be recovered that can be used for the generation of energy, and 1.5 tonnes of recyclable material will also be recovered. The combustible waste that will be accumulated in this park will be processed on-site using multiple technologies, which will leave only 5 to 10 percent of inert material reaching the landfills.

The various technologies that will be used in this park

Five technologies have been piloted in this park including Xaper, an indigenous technology that is semi-automated and segregates fresh municipal solid waste into recycled fractions. An IIT Delhi-built plasma pyrolysis unit that is used for the carbonaceous materials’ thermal disintegration into environment-friendly components has also been implemented in this park.

A technology named Enviro-RISE R-A110, from Denmark, is also being used in this park. This technology will be used to remove all the floating solid waste that will be accumulated in the 52-cusec drain that flows adjacent to the site.

For the purpose of gasification of municipal solid waste, the gasifier will be used. To meet this site’s non-portable and operational water needs, the Johkasou sewage treatment plant has also been set up. 



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