Daily Current Affairs Quiz : May 25, 2021

1. What is the name of the campaign launched by India and UNICEF to engage young people address Covid crisis?

[A] Covid Warrior
[B] Young Warrior
[C] Covid Champion
[D] Tackle the Crisis

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2. Sunderlal Bahuguna, who passed away recently, was a famous ………..

[A] Sportsperson
[B] Environmentalist
[C] Businessperson
[D] Economist

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3. Which country played host to the meeting of BRICS Astronomy Working Group (BAWG), held in May 2021?

[A] India
[B] Russia
[C] South Africa
[D] Brazil

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4. When is the ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’ observed every year?

[A] May 18
[B] May 20
[C] May 21
[D] May 23

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5. O. P. Bhardwaj, who passed away recently, was the First Dronacharya awardee Coach of which sports?

[A] Table Tennis
[B] Boxing
[C] Weight Lifting
[D] Tennis

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