Daily Current Affairs Quiz : May 22, 2021

1. National public broadcaster, Prasar Bharati, is a ………….. body?

[A] Regulatory
[B] Statutory
[C] Quasi-Judicial
[D] Constitutional

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2. With reference to Environmental Science, what is A-76, which was seen in news recently?

[A] Frog
[B] Iceberg
[C] Moss
[D] Fungus

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3. Government raises subsidy on DAP fertiliser by 140%. What does DAP stand for?

[A] Diammonium Phosphate
[B] Dialuminium Phosphate
[C] Dichloride Pottasium
[D] Dihydroxyacetone phosphate

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4. Satpura Tiger Reserve, which has been added to the tentative list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, is located in which Indian state?

[A] Maharashtra
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Odisha
[D] West Bengal

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5. INDRP Attribution tribunal, which was making news recently, is associated with which field?

[A] Environmental issues
[B] Domain Name issues
[C] Cybersecurity issues
[D] Property title issues

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