Daily Current Affairs Quiz: January 19, 2021

1. Which Indian Armed Force signed a contract with a private company to procure high-altitude SWITCH Drones, for USD 20 mn?

[A] Indian Air Force
[B] Indian Army
[C] Indian Navy
[D] Indian Coast Guard

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2. With reference to STARStreak Air Defence system, India has recently teamed up with which country?

[A] Germany
[B] Israel
[C] Japan
[D] United Kingdom

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3. Google has removed the Personal Loan applications in which country, amid safety concerns?

[A] China
[B] India
[C] Pakistan
[D] Bangladesh

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4. Who is/was the first U.S President to be impeached twice?

[A] Bill Clinton
[B] Andrew Johnson
[C] Donald Trump
[D] Ronald Reagan

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5. A team of scientists from which organisation has entered China, to probe the source of Coronavirus?

[D] John Hopkins University

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