Daily Current Affairs Quiz: May 16-17, 2021

1. A bank mentioned in the Second Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act is known as ?

[A] Co-operative Bank
[B] Small Finance Bank
[C] Scheduled Commercial Bank
[D] Foreign Bank operating in India

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2. ‘The Christchurch Call’ was an initiative of which country?

[A] France
[B] New Zealand
[C] Australia
[D] Germany

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3. Which institution has set up a dedicated portal – CovAid, to track aid coming from individual organisations?

[A] Supreme Court of India
[C] Give India Foundation
[D] NITI Aayog

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4. Kundoli Proposed Reserve Forest, where 18 elephants have recent died, is situated in which state?

[A] Karnataka
[B] Himachal Pradesh
[C] Assam
[D] Kerala

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5. What is the theme of the International Day of Families 2021?

[A] Families during Covid
[B] Families and New Technologies
[C] Family during Quarantine
[D] Social Distancing for Families

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