Daily Current Affairs 2012 Quiz : July 22, 2012

1. The RBI Governor,D.Subbarao has proposed ‘Producer Price Index (PPI)’ for measuring Inflation instead of WPI and CPI because:
1.The present structure of measuring inflation (WPI and CPI) and does not capture the price movement of services.
2.WPI is a hybrid of consumer and producer price quotes.
3.PPI measures price changes from the perspective of the seller.
Choose the correct option:
[A]1 and 2
[B]1 and 3
[C]2 and 3
[D]1, 2 and 3

1, 2 and 3

2. M B Shah Commission was constituted to investigate the cases of _________ :
[A]Illegal mining
[B]honour killings
[C]Air-Force plane crashes
[D]misappropriation of stamp revenue

Illegal mining

3. Who among the following has become the first Anglo-Indian to vote in the presidential poll?
[A]Francis Fanthome
[B]Derek O’ Brien
[C]Ingrid Mcleod
[D]Charles Dias

Derek O’ Brien
Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’ Brien perhaps became the first Anglo-Indian to vote in the presidential poll. Lok Sabha, the House of 545 members, has two nominated members from the Anglo-Indian community. Some state Assemblies also have provisions for nominated members from the community. Nominated members of Rajya Sabha as well as Lok Sabha are not eligible to vote for electing the President. The electoral college comprising MPs, MLAs and MLCs votes for the same. O’Brien could vote as he is not a nominated member and has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from West Bengal. He cast his ballot in Kolkata along with other Trinamool MPs of the state as they made a special request to do so in the West Bengal capital instead of in Delhi.

4. Astronomers have claimed to have discovered a planet known as ‘Gliese 581g’ that may be capable of supporting human life. In this context,consider the following Statements:
1.The planet is a ‘Superearth’.
2.It lies in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’.
Which among the Statement(s) given above is/are correct?
[A]Only 1
[B]Only 2
[C]Both 1 and 2
[D]Neither 1 nor 2

Both 1 and 2
The planet exists in a band of perpetual twilight near its orbiting star known as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’, also called the habitable zone or life zone-an area near earth that is not too hot or cold, but is just right for sustaining life.

5. Recently,a new Russian research project named ________ has offered ‘cybernetic immortality’ to the world’s billionaires by transplanting their brains into robot bodies.

Dmitry Itskov, a Russian entrepreneur claims to have hired 30 scientists to reach this goal and aims to transplant a human brain into a robot body within 10 years. He has contacted a list of billionaires with a proposal for funding his quest for immortality, which Itskov refers to as ‘cybernetic immortality’ and the ‘artificial body’.

6. Who among the following is India’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN)?
[A]Kamlesh Sharma
[B]Hardeep Singh Puri
[C]Vinay Kumar
[D]Prakash Gupta

Hardeep Singh Puri

7. ‘SkyDrive’ is the cloud computing service of ________ :


8. Which among the following oil giants has bought 80% stake in Reliance Industries Limited’s (RIL’s) two oil blocks in Kurdistan region of Iraq for an undisclosed amount?
[A]Chevron Corporation (US)
[B]Rosneft (Russia)
[C]ExxonMobil (US)
[D]Gazprom (Russia)

Chevron Corporation (US)

9. ‘London 100K challenge’ is related to which among the following Olympic sports?

USA Cycling will reward gold medalists at the London Games with up to $100,000 in bonus money, creating the richest known Olympics financial incentive program offered by any cycling organization in the world. The new program is called the “London 100K Challenge”.

10. ‘Red Coral Kukri’ which has recently been discovered at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh is a rare Indian ______ species.


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  • raghu

    I remember that CPI also includes some services so option 1 in question 1 is wrong sir. please correct me if i am wrong sir.


    yes u r right.option 1 in question-1 is wrong.
    plz refer to-http://www.thehindu.com/business/Economy/article3650206.ece

  • shevata khanna

    thanku for providing us such a good general awareness.

  • Rishi Raj Khandelwal

    sir,plz clear this doubt..
    I also read cpi measures changes in price movement of services too.so its seems,option 1 of ques.1 is doubtful

  • kuldeep yadav

    This is a gr8 source of knowledge for any comptetion………thanxs a lot