WHO asks for USD 15-mn aid for Lebanon

The World Health Organization is appealing for $15 million to cover emergency health needs in Lebanon following the explosion at Beirut Port on August 4. That incident killed around 150 people and also injured more than 5000 people.

What happened in Beirut, Lebanon?

There was a blast in a port in Beirut on August 04 and the reason for this has been attributed to the presence of aluminium nitrate in one of the warehouses in the area. The blast took lives of more than 150 people whereas around 5000 people were injured because of this mishap. This also destroyed 17 containers in the area.

What happened due to the Blast?

Five hospitals in the area are affected by this blast and that is why they have stopped functioning completely and also the primary healthcare facilities in the area are damaged out of action. Up to 3 lakh people have been displaced due to this incident, from their homes and they are in dire need of food and shelter. The situation may increase the number of COVID 19 patients in the area.

What will WHO do?

The World Health Organization has decided to carry out an environmental impact assessment because of this blast, in collaboration with the American University of Beirut. The blast took place because of the sudden explosion of aluminium nitrate. Along with that, WHO is also supplying all kinds of help to the country, including the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits.




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