TIFAC launches SAKSHAM portal and Seaweed Cultivation Mission

The Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) have launched a job portal called SAKSHAM to map the skills of workers as required by the MSMEs. It also launched a Seaweed Cultivation Mission.

About SAKSHAM Portal

  • TIFAC highlighted that the Saksham portal will help in eliminating the middlemen and labour contractors.
  • It will also help to identify the skill proficiency level.
  • The portal will also help in the development of skill cards for ‘shramiks’ (workers).
  • This initiative will facilitate the placement of 10 lakh blue-collar jobs across India.
  • The portal will directly connect the workers with MSMEs and eliminate the need of the middlemen or labour contractors.
  • This portal will also reduce the hardship of workers to find the jobs in nearby MSMEs.
  • The portal is significant because it would help the labourers to find work who were compelled to return to their native place amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Seaweed Cultivation Mission

  • The Seaweed Cultivation is also called as the kelp farming. It is the practice of cultivating and harvesting the seaweed. The process comprises of management of naturally found batches in the simplest form. While in the advanced form, the process comprises of fully controlling the life cycle of the algae.
  • As per the estimate of the department, if seaweed cultivation is done in 10 million hectares or in the 5% of the Exclusive Economic Zone area in India, it would help in providing employment to 50 million people.
  • Thus, with this objective, TIFAC will showcase a model, in collaboration with other in-line ministries, of the commercial farming of seaweeds and its processing. Seaweed Cultivation would help in boosting the economy.

Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC)

It is an autonomous organization. It was set up in the year 1988. It works under the Department of Science & Technology. The organisation works in the technology domain and assess technology trajectories. It strives for the development of technology by leveraging the technology innovation




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