Social Justice Ministry to launch Poshan Abhiyan for the Elderly

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment aims to launch ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ for the Elderly to provide them ‘nutrition support’.

Poshan Abhiyan for elders

Under the mission, supports will be provided to indigent elders who are not staying in Old Age Homes and are victims of malnutrition. Mission will focus on procuring healthy food material which are available locally to serve hot-cooked mid-day meals. Scheme will be implemented by “Gram Panchayats and Urban Municipalities”. ‘Senior Citizens Welfare Fund’ will be utilized to fund & implement the mission.

National Action Plan for Senior Citizens

Government of India has been implementing several schemes and programmes under an Umbrella Scheme for Senior Citizens called “National Action Plan for Senior Citizens”. This scheme provides for financial security, shelter & welfare, healthcare & Nutrition, protection of life & property, awareness generation and active & productive ageing.

Poshan Abhiyan or National Nutrition Mission (NNM)

The multi-ministerial initiative called NNM was launched in 2018 to tackle the malnutrition problem which is prevalent in India. It was launched to improve nutritional outcomes of children, adolescents, pregnant & lactating women. Key objective of the mission is “to reduce the level of under-nutrition”. It was launched for children to enhance their nutritional status. The mission seeks to eliminate malnutrition by 2022. It specifically targets towards reducing stunting, undernutrition, anaemia and low birth weight.

National Council on nutrition

This council has been set up under Poshan Abhiyan. Vice chairman of NITI Aayog is the chairperson of the council. It offers policy directions in a bid to address ‘nutritional challenges’ and review its programmes.




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