Haryana passes Bill to Recover Damages from Protesters

Haryana Assembly has passed the “Haryana Recovery of damages to property during disturbance to public Bill, 2021” on March 18, 2021 to recover the compensation from the protesters if they cause damage to property.

Provisions of the Bill

The bill was passed by a voice vote. The Bill provides for the recovery of damages to properties which is caused by the persons during disturbances to public order by the assembly, lawful or unlawful means like riots and violent disorder. The bill also comprises of the provision to constitute the Claims Tribunal in order to determine the liability, assess the damages caused and to compensate for the damage. The bill is not meant for people’s democratic right of holding protest but for the people who damage the public and private property.


The Uttar Pradesh was the first state that passed a bill for the recovery from the people who damage the public property during agitation and protests. As per the “Uttar Pradesh Recovery of Damages to Public and Private Property Bill, 2021” if the protesters found guilty of damaging the government or private properties will be facing the legal imprisonment for one year or fine of ₹5,000 to ₹1 lakh. This bill was passed to empower the joint and deputy commissioners of police in order to act under the legislation.


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