Government to establish Women Helpline Centres in Foreign Countries

The Union Minister of Women & Child Development, Smriti Irani, in a reply to supplementary question in Rajya Sabha has replied that, the central government will soon establish a women helpline centres in foreign countries which will look after the distressed overseas residents.


These Women Helpline Centres are being set up with the help of Ministry of external affairs in other countries. This is being done to ensure safety and security of Indian women across the world. The union minister also informed that the government has associated with NIMHANS for the mental health outreach of the children and has launched project SAMVAD. This project is providing the psychological help to the children in distress. The centre has also collaborated with NALSA and the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure a fair compensation for the acid attack victim.

NIMHANS-Government ties

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is funding the project SAMVAD which is led by NIMHANS. This project aims for mental health outreach for the Child Survivors of trafficking, Child in conflict with law or the children who are abandoned and orphaned.

Project SAMVAD

This project is called “Support, Advocacy and Mental Health Interventions for Children in Vulnerable Circumstances and Diseases”. This project was launched in June 2021. It is being run in association with the Panchayati Raj Ministry. The total cost of the project is ₹56 crore for the period of five years. Till date, a total of 41,000 personnel has come in contact with the children in need of care and protection. These personnel were trained across 28 States to screen the children having mental concerns to ensure the early intervention.


NIMHANS is “National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences”. It is a premier medical institution located in Bengaluru. It is the apex centre of mental health and neuroscience education. It operates autonomously under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It has been ranked 4th best medical institute across India.




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