Global Firepower Index, 2021

The Global Firepower Index ranks the countries based on their potential military strength. India was ranked fourth in the index. The Global Firepower Index ranked 138 countries. The countries were evaluated based on prolonged offensive and defensive military campaigns.


  • The United States topped the index with 904 attack helicopters and eleven aircraft carriers. Also, the country has sixty-eight submarines and 40,000 armoured fighting vehicles.
  • The US was followed by Russia with 189 fighter aircrafts and 538 attack helicopters. Russia has 13,000 tanks and 64 submarines.
  • China was ranked third with 1,200 combat aircrafts and 327 attack helicopters and seventy-nine submarines. Also, China has 35,000 armoured vehicles.
  • India was ranked fourth in the Global Firepower Index with 542 combat aircraft, 17 submarines, 4,730 tanks and 37 attack helicopters.
  • Japan was ranked fifth in the Global Firepower Index with 2 helicopter carriers, 27 destroyers.
  • South Korea was ranked sixth in the world and North Korea was ranked 28th.

About Global Firepower Index, 2021

The Global Firepower Index is calculated using fifty individual factors from geography to logistical capability. It also includes manpower, land forces, airpower, natural resources, naval forces, logistics and financials. Under manpower, the factors considered are total population, paramilitary, reaching military age annually, active reserves and active services. Under equipment, the factors considered are trainer fleet, aircraft fleet strength, helicopter fleet, attack fleets, rocket projectors, tank strength, towed artillery, aircraft carriers, naval fleet strength, destroyers, submarines, coastal patrol craft, frigates, mine warfare craft, coastal patrol craft and tanker fleets. The finance factors include external debt, defence budget, reserves of foreign exchange and gold and purchasing power parity.


Pakistan was ranked the tenth most powerful country in the Global Firepower Index.  Pakistan has surpassed Israel, Indonesia, Iran and Canada in terms of military power. Currently Pakistan dedicates 7 billion USD from its annual budget for defence purposes.


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  1. Kaan Tural

    May 16, 2021 at 11:14 pm

    Interesting ranking, disregards manpower who fights the war, strategic weaponry that makes all the other weaponry irrelevant and invalid. Turkey for instance ranks 11th in the world but non nuclear confrontations in its region there is no world power singly or combined with another power can win against, therefor Turkey ranks #1 in the world when other factors are considered that reflects the reality on the ground


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