WE Hub: Women Entrepreneurs Hub

WE Hub recently announced its partnership with i-Hub. I-Hub operates under Government of Gujarat. WE Hub operates under Government of Telangana.

WE Hub

WE Hub is Women Entrepreneurs Hub. It is a startup incubator, that is, it provides an environment for the women entrepreneurs to grow their business. It aims to support women entrepreneurs with solutions, innovative ideas and entitles to focus on emerging areas. It also supports unexplored and under explored sectors along with service sectors. The main goal of WE Hub is to eliminate financial and societal barriers for women.


i-Hub is Student Startup and Innovation Hub. It aims to develop end-to-end innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state of Gujarat. Also, it provides amenities such as futuristic and advanced technology labs, techno-commercial mentoring, networking and regulatory and advisory services. It was created under the Student Startup and Innovation Policy of Gujarat.

Student Startup and Innovation Policy

The Student Startup and Innovation Policy aims to assist student-led startups. It aims to create a common platform for the students to showcase their innovation and set up an end-to-end support system in education institutions.

Student Startup

According to the Student Startup and Innovation Policy, a student startup is a student-led innovation-based startup that was founded by the efforts of one or more students or alumni (not more than five years from graduation).


These hubs were created to achieve the goals of Startup India mission. The National Startup India action plan aims to support the following:

  • Student startups and university innovation-based enterprises
  • Startups at post-incubation stages
  • Top performing startups that need regulatory supports

Startup India was launched in 2015 at Red Fort. It was introduced to develop seventy-five startup support hubs in the country. According to Startup India State Rankings 2019, Gujarat was the best performer. Karnataka and Kerala were ranked as the top performers.


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