Daily Current Affairs 2012 Quiz : July 6, 2012

1. The Government of India has appointed how many Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes Commission since independence?

So Far, two have been appointed. Centre will soon appoint a Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes Commission – the third since independence – to
examine various issues of development and welfare of tribals, especially primitive tribal groups.

2. The Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) has commissioned the third 250 MW advanced-class gas turbine Pragati-III project at ?
[B]New Delhi

New Delhi

3. The Qualified Foreign Investors who wish to invest in India should be compliant with the standards set by ___?
[A]Reserve Bank of India
[B]Securities and Exchange Bureau of India
[C]Financial Action Task Force
[D]International Monetary Fund

Financial Action Task Force

4. As per the recently released World Investment Report 2012, by UNCTAD, India is ______most attractive investment destination of the world.
Choose the correct option to fill the blank space.

As per the World Investment Report 2012 by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, India has emerged as the third most attractive
investment destination after China and the US for global companies.

5. Which among the following banking giants of England was recently making news in context with the Libor interest rate scandal?
[A]Birmingham Midshires
[B]Lloyds Banking Group
[D]Duncan Lawrie


6. Enrique Pena Nieto has recently claimed victory in the General Elections of ____?


7. Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex is located in which among the following countries?

Ukraine , Venue of Euro 2012

8. Which among the following company has launched the largest healthcare fraud case in US history for $3 billion dollars in July 2012?
[C]Genus PLC
[D]British Biotech


9. Operation Enduring Freedom is being operated in ___?


10. In context with Africa, the term Maghreb Insurgency has been making news frequently. Maghreb refers to ___?
[A]Southern Africa
[B]North East Africa
[C]Central Africa
[D]North West Africa

North West Africa

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