Cross Dependency Initiative: 9 Indian states most vulnerable to climate risks

The Cross Dependency Initiative is a business consultant that specializes in climate risk. It released a report on “Gross Domestic Climate Risk”. According to the report, the top 50 provinces facing climate risks are China, the US, and India. It says nine Indian states are most vulnerable to climate risks. They are Punjab, UP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, TN, Gujarat, Kerala, and Assam. Mumbai has the highest risk of all. 26 provinces in China, 9 in India, and 5 in the US are the most vulnerable of all.

Key Findings

  • The most vulnerable states of China are in the eastern and southern parts of the country
  • Delta regions of the Yangtze river and Pearl rivers are also highly vulnerable
  • Other than US, China, and India, other countries that are highly vulnerable are Pakistan, Brazil, and Indonesia

What does the report say?

The report ranks the states based on eight climate change hazards. They are coastal inundation, riverine and surface flooding, soil movement, forest fire, extreme heat, freeze-thaw, and extreme wind.

How was the report prepared?

The Cross Dependency Initiative created a high-emission scenario based on the data provided by the IPCCC. It fixed the global increase in temperature to 3 degrees Celsius as compared to the pre-industrial temperature.



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