International Mother Language Day 2023

International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21. The main objective of celebrating the day is to increase the overall literacy level of the world. More than 40% of the world’s population is unable to receive education in their mother tongue. There is a need to promote education in the mother tongue, especially in hilly regions where the tribal population is very high. The day also focuses on the ethnic minority population. The International Mother Language Day celebrated by the UN insists on this. Apart from this, the day also focuses on diverse cultures in the world.


According to the United Nations, education in the mother tongue increases the cognitive actions of the brain. Thinking in your own mother tongue is always easy. It aids in inclusive development. Also, it helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Even people in remote areas can be taught about the global crisis. And what they can do to help the world survive climate change-related issues.

The theme of International Mother Language Day 2023

Multilingual Education – A Necessity to Transform Education

History of International Mother Language Day

The proposal to celebrate International Mother Language Day was initiated by UNESCO in 1999. The resolution was passed by the UNGA in 2002.



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