Corona Kavach: Application launched by GoI to locate a COVID-19 positive patient

On April 2, 2020, the Government of India launched Corona Kavach application to map the location of a COVID-19 positive patient through GPS.


The application has been launched by India after learning about its success in the countries such as South Korea and Singapore. The “Corona Kavach” application tracks the data of the user every hour. It then alerts him if he has crossed a Corona Positive patient.

The application has been jointly developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare


Though the application is highly useful to bring back normalcy while fighting COVID-19, privacy activists raise concerns about the app. The activists are concerned that the apps are coming up without any legal framework in place.

How will the app help in normalcy?

GoI is making every step to bring back normalcy in the country after the Lock Down. An expert panel of higher officials from different ministries has been formed and is working towards this.

The GoI has also issued guidelines on taking hydroxychloroquine drug when a person comes in contact with Covid-19 positive patient. This is a precautionary step suggested by the Government to prevent the disease. The AYUSH ministry has also suggested “Kabasura Chooranam” as a preventive measure.

The methods are specially recommended to asymptomatic patients that are in constant touch with infected patients.

Along with these measures, a person shall lead a normal life while fighting against the virus after the lock down.


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