Banking, Finance & Economy Current Affairs Quiz -March 2 ,2023

1. Which of the following universities will be the first foreign university to establish a campus in India?

[A] University of Cambridge
[B] Stanford University
[C] Harvard University
[D] Deakin University

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2. Singapore Airlines owns 25.1% of the Air India group after investing how so many funds?

[A] $267 mn
[B] $257 mn
[C] $247 mn
[D] $237 mn

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3. Who has Godrej Industries appointed as CEO-designate of its chemicals business?

[A] Raunak Singh
[B] Vishal Sharma
[C] Soniya Sharma
[D] Tanmay Tiwari

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4. To what extent did India’s GDP growth decelerate in the October-December quarter?

[A] 3.4%
[B] 6.4%
[C] 5.4%
[D] 4.4%

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5. Pepsi India has appointed whom among the following as it’s Brand Ambassador?

[A] Ranveer Kapoor
[B] Akshay Kumar
[C] Salman Khan
[D] Ranveer Singh

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