Banking, Finance & Economy Current Affairs Quiz – February 7,2023

1. Who has Appointed Raul Rebello as MD and CEO-Designate?

[A] Axis Bank
[B] Mahindra Finance
[C] Yes Bank

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2. Which company in India has accepted digital currency as payment?

[A] Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail
[B] Future Retail
[C] Tata Group
[D] Reliance Retail

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3. Which major countries created trilateral cooperation initiatives in domains such as Energy, Defense, and the Economy?

[A] India, France, UAE
[B] South Korea, China, France
[C] USA, France, UAE
[D] France, China, India

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4. What was the outcome of the Reserve Bank of India’s decision concerning the Hinduja Group’s shareholding in IndusInd Bank Ltd.?

[A] The Hinduja Group was denied the ability to increase its ownership in IndusInd Bank.
[B] The Hinduja Group was given the green light to acquire a larger stake in IndusInd Bank.
[C] The Hinduja Group’s ownership in IndusInd Bank remained unchanged.
[D] The Hinduja Group’s ownership in IndusInd Bank was reduced.

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5. What was the aim of the MOU signed by four companies in New Delhi?

[A] To improve PACS access to finance and digital services via CSCs
[B] To shut down CSCs in New Delhi
[C] To reduce services offered by CSCs to PACS
[D] To disable PACS and CSCs

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