Bangladesh Indo-Pacific Outlook

Bangladesh recently announced its 15-point Indo-Pacific Outlook (IPO), envisioning a free, open, peaceful, secure, and inclusive Indo-Pacific. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s tri-nation visit to Japan, the USA, and the UK prompted the announcement of the IPO.

Scope of Partnership with India

Bangladesh’s IPO opens up the scope of partnership with India. The Indo-Pacific area’s collective share in global GDP, preponderance in international trade, enhanced climate action, and growing technological dynamism can be key determinants for ensuring Bangladesh’s long-term resilience and prosperity. Thus, the IPO aims to foster regional connectivity, trade, and investment cooperation, and promote people-to-people exchanges.

Guiding Principles of Bangladesh’s IPO

Apart from the first guiding principle of “Friendship towards all, malice toward none,” the other guiding principles include constitutional mandate on the conduct of international relations, striving for renunciation of the use of force, adherence to relevant UN treaties and international conventions, and constructive regional and international cooperation.

Adherence to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

Bangladesh’s IPO follows the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which sets out the obligations and privileges of nations in utilizing the world’s oceans, setting standards for corporations, the ecosystem, and the administration of marine resources.

Goal of Constructive Regional and International Cooperation

According to the Indo-Pacific Outlook (IPO) of Bangladesh, the country aims to achieve sustainable development, international peace, security, humanitarian action, and fundamental rights and freedoms through constructive regional and international cooperation. Bangladesh is confident that the IPO can help ensure the nation’s long-term resilience and prosperity, as well as contribute to the establishment of a secure, stable, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.




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