Ayush Aahaar Pilot Project

The project was launched by AYUSH Ministry. Ayush Aahaar is a healthy diet. The ministry is to make this diet available in its canteen.

What is Ayush Aahaar?

It was launched at Ayush Bhawan canteen of the ministry. The project aims to promote healthy living through nutritious diet. The healthy diet that includes kokum drink, gajar ka halwa, bhajani vada and vegetable poha. These dishes are rich in nutrition and are very popular among the public. Also, they are easily digestible.

What are future plans?

The Ayush Aahaar is being launched as a test. Forms will be issued to people taking the dishes. Feedbacks are to be collected. Based on the feedback, a new diet is to be regularised. This is a precursor to promote Ayush Lifestyle. The ministry has plans to spread awareness about Ayush lifestyle.

AYUSH Lifestyle

It mainly aims to reduce the burden of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases are heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and stroke. AYUSH lifestyle includes taking healthy diet, regular exercise and yoga.

Significance of AYUSH Aahaar

India is the world leader in AYUSH practices. There are more than 500 colleges and 3000 hospitals dedicated to AYUSH. If the project becomes a success, the diet can be introduced in these hospitals.

Growth Potential of AYUSH in India

The AYUSH market in India is 10 billion USD. It is predicted to increase by 50% in the next five years. There are no FDI limits for AYUSH. India is the second largest exporter of alternate medicines in the world. Yoga and acupuncture are gaining popularity in developed countries. The major AYUSH partners of India are Japan, Russia, UAE and USA. India is pushing AYUSH largely through National Ayush Misssion. The mission was launched in 2014 to promote cost effective AYUSH medicines, cultivate medicinal plants, increase institutional capacities and to provide cost effective medical services.



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