U.P law panel proposes ‘two-child’ population draft bill

Uttar Pradesh government has proposed a population control bill titled The Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021.


  • Bill was floated by Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission (UPSLC) in a bid to control & stabilise and for the welfare of population of state.
  • It is open for public suggestions till July 19, 2021.

Key provisions of the bill

  • Bill called to debar those having more than two children from contesting in local polls.
  • They will also be prevented from applying for or getting promotion in government jobs.
  • They would also be debarred from receiving government subsidy.
  • As per the draft proposal, it shall be the duty of government to introduce a compulsory subject on population control in secondary schools.
  • Bill put emphasis on need to control & stabilise population of state in order to promote sustainable development with more equitable distribution. Bill also seeks to provide welfare to population in state by implementing and promoting two-child norm.
  • Under it, public servants will get two additional increments during entire service, maternity. They will also get a paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary and allowances.
  • Bill proposes to increase employer’s contribution fund under national pension scheme by 3 %.
  • State Population Fund will also be established to implement population control bill.
  • As per draft bull, Maternity centres will be established across all primary health centres (PHCs). PHCs, in collaboration with NGOs, will distribute contraceptive pills etc.

Significance of the bill

Uttar Pradesh have limited ecological and economic resources at hand. Thus, it is necessary and urgent that basic necessities of human life such as housing, access to quality education, affordable food, safe drinking water, access to quality education, economic or livelihood opportunities, electricity and a secure living is accessible to all citizens. This bill will help in filling all the gaps. Bill will also ensure a healthy birth spacing to achieve goal of population control, stabilisation and its welfare across the state.


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