ATL Tinkerprenuer Summer Bootcamp- Highlights

NITI Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) have successfully completed the two month long, an exclusive and digital skills entrepreneurship which is named ATL Tinkerprenuer summer bootcamp and was held across India.

Who were the participants?

Designed for high school students across the country, the program has seen a breakthrough of over 9,000 participants (including over 4,000 women) in 32 states and 298 districts of the country. Bootcamp saw the participation of 820 ATLs, over 50 live expert speaker sessions conducted with over 4.5 lakh views and imparted over 30 digital and business skills.

Why was it named Tinkerprenuer?

The name derives from the phrase “allowing students to tinker in the comfort of their homes and become entrepreneurs this summer” which is a campaign focused on developing an innovative and creative mindset among the participating students.

Duration of the programme

Spanning 9 weeks from May 31, 2021 to August 1, 2021, this programme enabled attendees to develop a business idea and create an end-to-end strategy to establish a new business.

What did the participants learn?

During the training, the participants acquired the necessary digital skills, create and develop a business model around a digital product, make a marketing plan, develop/establish a store online, learn about corporate finance and gain by presenting their introduction to industry experts. Students and their ATL leaders were mapped in small groups with mentors. All registered users have access to a wealth of digital and business learning resources, do-it-yourself content, simple homework assignments and more to enable participants to create their own digital products and projects.

Objective of ATL Tinkerprenuer

The entire training program was designed to impart innovative thinking as well as to help students move from an idea to a business in a short time, failing and trying again and make the experience of both building solutions and businesses around it.


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