Asia Pacific Sustainability Index 2021

The Asia Pacific Sustainability Index 2021 was recently launched by Knight Frank, which is a Global property consultant.


  • In the index, four Indian cities viz., Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai, have been ranked among top 20 sustainable cities.
  • In it, 36 cities were ranked on the basis of urbanisation pressure, carbon emissions, climate risk, and government initiatives.

Rank of World’s cities

  • Index has been topped by Singapore.
  • It is followed by Sydney, Wellington, Perth, and Melbourne.
  • These are the top five green-rated cities in commercial real estate in Asia-Pacific region.

Rank of Indian cities

  • Among the Indian cities, Bengaluru was ranked first. While in the Asia-Pacific region, it has been ranked 14th.
  • Bengaluru is the only Indian city to achieve ‘Gold’ standard category.
  • Bengaluru is followed by Delhi, which has been ranked 17th in the ASIA Pacific Region.
  • Hyderabad has been ranked 3rd in India and 18th in Asia-Pacific region.
  • Mumbai is ranked 4th among Indian cities and 20th in Asia-pacific region.

What is the reason of growth of sustainable development in India?

Sustainable Development in India have been propelled due to new market dynamics. Global commitment towards carbon neutrality and net zero focus on creating environmentally friendly premises. This has led Indian developers to develop their products to meet the requirements.

Green Bond in India

As per report, green bond issuances in India have increased by 523% on yearly basis. It was USD 1.1 billion in 2020 and has increased to USD 6.8 billion in 2021. Currently, India has become the sixth-largest country in Asia-Pacific region, with respect to total amount of green bonds issued in 2021.

Green Bond Issuance in Asia-Pacific Region

As per estimates of Climate Bonds Initiative, in 2021 the region issued USD 126 billion in green bonds. China accounted for largest amount of USD 68 billion.



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