Anti-HIV drugs used against COVID-19 for the first time in India

India for the first time used Lopinavir and Ritonavir combination to treat Italian patients in India infected with COVID-19. The couple were on a tour to India and are currently being treated in Jaipur


The Indian Council of Medical Research has been authorized to research on COVID-19 drugs. Also, the council has been approved to use the above HIV drug combination during public health emergencies.

Currently, 70% of HIV positive patients in India are on first line drugs. These medicines are manufactured in India mainly for export purposes. They are exported to African countries predominantly. The combination of Lopinavir and Ritonavir drugs is a second line drug.

What are First-line and Second-Line Drugs?

The First-line drugs are of minimum dosages and are given to patient during the initial stages of a treatment. The second line drugs are prescribed when the first line drugs are not responding. The second line drugs have higher side effects than first-line drugs.


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