Andhra Pradesh tops in organizing Fit India School Week

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in his radio program Mann Ki Baat on 24th November 2019 announced that schools will be ranked across the country in accordance with fitness under the Fit India Movement. 3 rankings were introduced- First, the highest-ranking, Fit Indian School, followed by Fit India School(5 Star) and Fit India School (3 Star). Schools achieving any of the three rankings will be able to use Fit India- Flag and Logo.
Schools would be ranked on the basis of the importance given for inculcating fitness amongst the students and teachers and on the availability of infrastructure for fitness activities. During his radio programme, the Prime Minister urged schools across the country to get themselves enrolled in the Fit India Star Ranking by celebrating Fit India Week in schools during the first week of December 2019.
The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports released the data from the Fit India week celebrated in Schools across the country on Friday, 20th December 2019.
A total of 26,845 schools celebrated the Fit India Week across the country out of which a total of 13,839 school from Andhra Pradesh organized the Fit India Week during the first week of December, making a more than 50% of the national total. At a distant second and third place, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh with 1,967 and 1,504 schools organized the week respectively.


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