Adjournment Sine Die

Both the Houses of the Parliament has adjourned sine die in light of the COVID-19 scare. This concludes the budget session before schedule.


The term ‘adjournment sine die’ means that the House sitting had been dismissed without the naming of a reassembly date. The term ‘sine die’ is derived from Latin and means ‘without day’. The presiding officer of the House is the authority who uses the tool for dismissing the House.

Other Forms of Dismissal

The Parliamentary Houses are dismissed in other ways too:

  • Adjournment: The House is dismissed by the presiding officer, resulting in termination of the sitting (not the session). Here, the date of reassembly is specified.
  • Prorogation: The President dismisses the House, resulting in termination of the session itself.
  • Dissolution: Dissolution results in the termination of the life of the House. It is used only in Lok Sabha (Rajya Sabha is a permanent House).

Budget Session Performance

The recently concluded budget session was originally scheduled to last till April 3rd (from January 31st). However, the COVID-19 scare has led to early dismissal. The Lok Sabha recorded a productivity of 90% while the Rajya Sabha recorded 74% productivity. In total, 19 bills were introduced during the budget session- 1 in Rajya Sabha and the rest of the bills in Lok Sabha. 12 bills were passed by the Houses during the session. All the important finance bills were passed by the Houses.

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