7th India-Japan Defence Policy Dialogue

India and Japan have been working together to strengthen their defense and security cooperation. The latest development in this regard was the 7th India-Japan Defense Policy Dialogue, which was co-chaired by the defense secretaries of both countries on April 6, 2023.

The Aim of the India-Japan Defense Policy Dialogue

The primary aim of the India-Japan Defense Policy Dialogue is to enhance defense and security cooperation between the two countries. This partnership aims to provide a secure and stable environment for the citizens of both countries and to maintain peace and stability in the region.

India-Japan Joint Military Exercises

India and Japan have been conducting joint military exercises since 2018. The name of this exercise is Shinyuu Maitri, which aims to enhance mutual understanding and interoperability between the two countries’ militaries.

Defense Agreements between India and Japan

India and Japan have signed five defense agreements to date. The first agreement was signed in 2008. The focus of these agreements is to enhance defense and security cooperation, joint exercises, and exchange of information between the two countries.

National Defense Program Guidelines

Japan introduced its National Defense Program Guidelines in 2010. The guidelines aim to strengthen Japan’s defense capabilities and address the changing security environment. These guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated to keep pace with changing security challenges.

India’s Defense Acquisition Council

India’s Defense Acquisition Council seeks to fast track procurement of the approved requirements of the Armed Forces. The council is responsible for all acquisitions related to Indian defense.

Leadership and Structures

The current Indian Defense Minister is Rajnath Singh. The Japanese Defense Ministry, on the other hand, is responsible for protecting Japan and its interests and contributing to peace and stability in the international community. The Japanese National Security Council has a counterpart in India called the National Security Council Secretariat.



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