5-point Reform agenda for FCI

On the 58th Foundation Day of Food Corporation of India (FCI), the food Minister Shri Piyush Goyal released a “5-point reform agenda for FCI”. It is also called “5 Sutras”. The agenda aims to improve FCI and its progress.

What are the five points?

  1. To change the public perception of FCI. Currently the public see the FCI as inefficient and corrupt. This perception will now be converted to inclusive, dynamic and honest entity.
  2. To focus on end – to – end tech solutions. This includes everything starting from procurement to delivery. This is to be achieved by reducing PDS response time and efficient tracking of the food grains. Ultimately, this will result in leakage free operational efficient system.
  3. To establish grievance redressal mechanism. This will help in reducing the reaction time to a problem. Also, it will help in addressing the issues of farmer producer organization, especially those in high distress. This is to be achieved through “Jan Jagrukta” programmes.
  4. To plan and create modern infrastructure and logistics. It will upgrade the warehouses to international standards. The agenda includes increasing the storage capacity for power, network facility and CCTV.
  5. It will increase the global practices and make India as “Food Hub”.

Way Ahead

According to the food ministry, India should focus on improving its Global Hunger Index. India ranked 101 in the Global Hunger Index 2021. It ranked 94th in 2020. Also, India should focus on nutritional security. Around 18 lakh children in India are undernourished. 7.7% are severely wasted. 35.5% are stunted. 19.3% are wasted.

Current Scenario

FCI procures 1,300 lakhs metric tonnes of wheat and paddy currently. In 1965, it procured 13 lakh metric tonnes. The distribution of food grains in the country has increased from 18 lakh million tonnes in 1965 to 600 lakh million tonnes in 2021. The storage of food grains in the country has increased from 6 lakh million tonnes in 1965 to 800 lakh million tonnes in 2021.



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