North Korea Railway-borne missile

North Korea recently tested the railway-borne missile. With this, North Korea has tested three missiles in January 2022 amidst rising tensions with the US. This has pushed for fresh sanctions by the US.

About the Missile Test

  • The railway-borne missile recently tested by the North is a ballistic missile. The missiles that were tested previously were hypersonic missiles.
  • The missile flew 800 kilometres and struck a target in the east coast of North Korea.
  • Railway borne missile means the missile is launched from a train.
  • North Korea tested two railway – borne missiles.

North Vs South

The test comes after the South Koreans tested the submarine – launched ballistic missile. With this, it became the first country to develop such as system without nuclear weapons. The Koreans have been indulging in arms race and are unveiling more capable weapons and missiles.

International Reaction

The former nuclear potential hypersonic missile test and the recent ballistic missile tests have received international condemnation. With these tests, North Korea has violated the United Nations Security Council resolutions. And has also posed threat to its neighbours.

Intentions of North Korea

According to strategists, North Korea is steadily increasing its missile arsenals with the support of Russia. Also, its intentions are to return to the US sanctions relief. If the north is increasing its missile weapons, the US will call for peace talks. And will sign agreements where it will remove sanctions. In return, the north will agree to reduce its missile and weapon accumulation. Most of the missiles produced by the north korea are in the range of targeting the American cities.

Difference between Hypersonic and Ballistic Missiles

Short range ballistic missiles earth’s atmosphere. Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles follow a sub orbital trajectory. They are known for their strike distance. On the other hand, the hypersonic missiles are known for their speed. Their very high speeds make them un – intercepted. That is, they cannot be detected.



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