AP Mahila Police Wing

The Andhra Pradesh State Government recently notified rules for the Mahila Police Wing. Also, it has created a separate women police cadre.

About the new women police wing

  • The uniform of the new women police is Khaki colour. The wing comprises of inspectors, sub inspectors, senior mahila police, assistant sub inspectors, mahila police personnel. Also, the women police will wear a special separate emblem called the Mahila Police Emblem. They will also wear a beret cap.
  • 90% of the posts are to be recruited by the police recruitment board. 5% from eligible villages and 5% from home guards.
  • The inspectors and sub inspectors of the mahila wing will report to DSP and ACP respectively. DSP is Deputy Superintendent of Police and ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Women Police in India

Women make 12% of the police force in the country. Chhattisgarh has the highest number of women police in the country. It accounts of 18% of the total women police force in the state. In Bihar, 25% form the non – gazetted police officers in the state. Only 8% are gazetted officers. Gazetted officers means those who are in the rank of DIG, SP, ASP, ADSP, IGP, GP, etc. On the other hand, inspectors, sub inspectors and constables are all non – gazetted. Kerala accounts to least number of women police force. Only 0.26% of police force of Kerala are women.

Challenges faced by the women police forces in India

In 2009, the Home Ministry had set a target to achieve 33% of women police force in the country. According to the Status of Policing in India report, 2019, only 7.28% of the police force are women. Women inclusion is less in police forces. Most of the women police officers are limited to in – house tasks such as filing FIRs, maintaining registers, etc. Only make police officers are engaged in patrolling, investigation and other law and order duties. The work environment of women police officers is not conducive. They are not getting weekly off.



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