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New Schedule of GKToday

This is the tentative new schedule of GKtoday from March 10, 2010. Mega Quiz: Two mega Quizzes Every Month with 50 questions on current awareness every month on 15th and last day of every month. Monday: General Awareness & Current Affairs (National): Covering national Events, appointments, awards, people in news, parliament, government policies, development programmes, ..

Your Suggestions Required Please ….

It has been our tradition to incorporate our readers suggestions in our blog. Some of our readers keep suggesting the improvements on this blog. Here is what one of our regular reader who also closely watches the minor changes in our blog , says: The mega quiz arrangement is not fine, so Mega quizzes should ..

Mega Quiz February III Based upon Current Affairs

1.Who among the following is the commander of Expedition 22 currently going on & comes to end in March 2010?(A)Jeffrey N. Williams(B)Maksim Surayev(C)Timothy Creamer(D)Soichi Noguchi(E)None of them 2.Where will be held the Nuclear Security Summit in April 2010?(A)Tokyo(B)Washington(C)London(D)Geneva(E)Copenhagen 3.The two terms HELINA & NAMIKA are related to which of the following missiles developed by DRDO ..