What Home Ministry informed Parliament on Cybercrime?

The Home Minister have recently presented the crime data in Parliament in the ongoing Budget Session.

Crime Data

  • The ministry of Home Affairs informed in the Parliament that increasing use of the internet across the country has increased the instances of the cybercrime.
  • It also highlighted that most of the cybercrime cases were of sexual exploitation and spread of hatred.
  • As per the data present in the Parliament, 93,000 cases of cybercrime related to the sexual exploitation and spread of hatred were between 2017 and 2019.
  • Ministry further writes that, these crimes took place with the motives of fraud, personal revenge, piracy, sexual exploitation, inciting hate and stealing information.
  • The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) also highlights that 21,796 cases of cybercrime were registered in the year 2017. This number rose steeply to 44,546 cybercrime cases in the year 2019.
  • Further, the government highlights in Rajya Sabha that crimes against members of Scheduled Castes (SCs) have increased by 7.3% while the crime against Scheduled Tribes (STs) have increased by 26.5% in 2019.

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

It is an Indian government agency which is responsible for collecting and analysing the crime data. The crime data are analysed in accordance with the definition of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The agency is headquartered in New Delhi. It works under the aegis of or is part of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Presently, the Director of NCRB is Ramphal Pawar (IPS).


NCRB was set up in the year 1986 on the recommendation of Task force (1985) and National Police Commission (1977). In order to set up the agency, Directorate of Coordination, Police Computer (DCPC) and the Inter State Criminals Data Branch & Central Finger Print Bureau of CBI were merged.


The NCRB function as a repository of information on crime and criminals.  These information are used to assist the investigators to link the crime and the perpetrators.


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