West Asia Quad Dialogue

United States is set to launch a new four-nation dialogue “West Asia Quad Dialogue” with India, United Arab Emirates and Israel, during the visit of President Joe Biden to the region.


  • The forum will be launched during Joe Biden’s visit to Israel from July 13 to July 16, 2022.
  • Joe Biden is scheduled to visit West Bank, Saudi Arabia,
  • This will be his first visit in the region and most volatile across world.
  • It is expected to reinforce the US’s “iron-clad commitment” to Israel’s security and prosperity and continue the process of its integration into the region under the Abraham Accords brokered by Trump between Israel on the one hand and the UAE and Bahrain on the other in 2020; an agreement with Morocco followed.
  • Biden will also meet with Palestinian leaders in West Bank, recommitting US to a two-state solution that had been somewhat diluted or abandoned under Trump.

About West Asia Quad Dialogue

  • The West Asia Quad Dialogue will also be called as I2U2. I2 for India and Israel while U2 for US and the UAE.
  • It will focus on West Asia.
  • It was inaugurated in October 2021 by Secretary of US Antony Blinken.
  • It is an entirely new grouping of partners, that will focus on expanding economic and political cooperation in Asia and Middle East through energy cooperation, trade, coordination on vital shared interests and combating climate change.

When will this dialogue launched?

  • This initiative will be launched in a virtual call that Joe Biden will hold with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, UAE’s President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennet.
  • They will discuss security as well as areas of cooperation across hemispheres, where Israel and UAE are important innovation hubs.


Joe Biden has launched several multilateral dialogues, after assuming office in January 2021 such as,

  • AUKUS- a three-nation group of US, UK and Australia
  • A Quadrilateral dialogue with Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

He has also strengthened and deepened existing platforms like Quad with India, Japan and Australia as well as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.



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