UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 515

Consider the following comparisons of the Surface Oceanic Currents and Deep Oceanic Currents?
  1. While surface currents are primarily driven by winds, deep currents are primarily driven by density differences
  2. While surface currents are swift, deep currents are relatively slower
Which among the above observations is / are correct?  
With reference to India's culture and tradition, what is "Kambala"?
Consider the following species of turtles:
  1. Hawksbill 
  2. Leatherbacks
  3. Loggerhead
  4. Green turtle
Which of the above is/are known to nest in India? 
Which of the following countries are not the signatories to Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)?
  1. North Korea
  2. Israel
  3. Egypt
  4. South Sudan
Select the correct option from codes given below:
Consider the following organizations:
1. Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation
2. Drug Controller General of India
3. National Pharma Pricing Authority
Which among the above come under the purview of Health Ministry?


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